• zoé zoe says
    2015 07 07

    zoé zoe says “Hoy”

    A new release on Best Kept Secret is on its way to your record shelf. We’re overjoyed to be able to present the talent of zoé zoe, a Lithuanian producer also known as Marriage Proposal who’s currently residing in Berlin. More information about BKS009 soon – enjoy the preview for now.

  • Happy birthday, happy radio
    2015 06 04

    Happy birthday, happy radio

    It’s the birthday of Vidis today, and to celebrate he has just released a new episode of Silence Radio. Previously broadcasted on a Lithuanian radiostation, the show is now totally independent from any restrictions of time, space and sound. And, for the first time, you can also download the episode and take it with you wherever you go this sumer.

    Happy birthday and happy days!