• Guilt is now digital, too
    2015 05 20

    Guilt is now digital, too

    The newest release on our Best Kept Secret, ‘Guilt’ by Darius Vaikas, has already received some lovely compliments from people we trust.

    Ewan Pearson, “Guilt is dark and lovely.”
    Tim Paris, “Lovely EP !”
    Matt Walsh, “Brilliant stuff!”

    Mugwump, “Guilt sounds fr8”
Yannick Trickski, “I can only give 5 stars to this – i don’t even know where to start to describe how good this release is. The sound, the arrangement, the power – everything is right on here. Thanks!”

    The release is now also available digitally. Get it at Whatpeopleplay or Beatport.

    If, like us, you prefer the good old vinyl, it’s of course available at the SILENCE SHOP or at the following outlets: Juno, Decks.

    P.S. You can catch Darius Vaikas playing live in one of the best electronic music festivals the Baltics has to offer, Supynes Festival.

  • Darius Vaikas has some secrets
    2015 05 12

    Darius Vaikas has some secrets

    Silence Music’s little brother (or is it sister?) Best Kept Secret has a new release. BKS008, consisting of two emotionally very different tracks, arrived from a Danish island, the permanent residency of Darius Vaikas. The Lithuanian producer is exploring House territories with his own custom made compass. Some may know him from You Will Never Be Alone, a little leftfield gem featured on a very limited Project: Mooncircle’s EP split among four artists. Some may know him because of an amazing remix he did for the fellow Lithuanians mmpsuf and their song The Sailors. His original track White Eights was one of the highlights of Silence Please!, a compilation presented by Get Physical Music. But everyone should know that this is just the beginning and the new EP is yet another proof of an emerging talent and his idiosyncratic sound.

    BKS008 Darius Vaikas – Guilt (artwork by Denis Kuchta) is available at our webshop and in good record stores. Check the two tracks below!